Snail Mucus Filtrate in Sculplla Cream? How is snail mucin collected?

This is one of the question we get asked so many times. How is snail mucin collected? Are snails harmed in the process? 
The answer is No, Snails are never harmed through the process. Animal testing is now 100% illegal in Korea and animal abuse is a huge topic. 


How is snail mucin collected?
For Tov Medical Aesthetics, snails are placed over a mesh net in a dark and quiet room and left alone to freely roam the net and leave mucin in their trail. This is the best environment for snails (research shows that the quality of the mucin itself really depends on breeders keeping a good environment (stress-free) as well as they are fed the best stuff :) This walking on the net to collect slimes is about a 30min process and through this process there is no external stress applied to force mucin production. again, animal testing is illegal in Korea and animal abuse is a huge topic. Optimal mucin production occurs only when snails are well-rested and comfortable in their habitat so all manufacturers in Korea that produce snail mucus filtrate try their best to make sure the snails are healthy and comfortable! After 30min on the net the snails are transferred back to their homes to rest and regain energy then collected mucin is processed to properly stabilize the product and make it suitable for cosmetic use. These days there are a variety of "cruelty-free" methods of snail production and slim extraction and this is how we do it as well as many korean companies who collect snail mucus filtrate.
Results with Snail Mucin?
From repairing skin damage and providing anti-aging benefits to soothing irritated skin and fading acne scars, snail mucin or snail secretion filtrate, offers so many benefits. It’s truly a versatile ingredient, suitable for all skin types and concerns, and plays well with other ingredients. Studies have shown that snail mucin even helps with atopic dermatitis.
In fact, even before snail mucin became popular as a skin care ingredient, the main component of snail mucin, Chondroiton sulfate, was recognized for its ability to help improve arthritis, liver diseases, nephritis, and fatigue.
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