Time Master Pro® 2024

We just wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you for being so patient and understanding during our Time Master Pro® backorder situation. We're absolutely thrilled to hear that so many of you have received your orders and have noticed the incredible strength and power of this amazing machine. It's compact but mighty, delivering results that truly wow everyone who uses it! It's become an essential tool for preparing for any skin treatment.


Your support and understanding mean the world to us. Thank you!

We did our best not to change the exterior or function of it so that clients who have been using Time Master Pro® won't be confused. We have set the timer for a 5-minute treatment, allowing you to treat each area for the recommended duration.
Please note that our device specifications are top-notch. Our power output is unparalleled in the market. We have contacted over 200 vendors in Korea to explore the possibility of selling a similar device while we were sold out. However, we couldn't find anything that comes even close to our specifications, which is why we were unable to restock for months, despite receiving daily inquiries about when the device would be available again.
Knowing that there is nothing like our device in the market actually boosted our confidence in the Time Master Pro® device even more.
However, due to its high specifications, we have noticed that it tends to break down after about 2-3 years of use. Since we value our relationship with our clients, we have been just replacing them. However, we realized that this was becoming an issue as we couldn't afford to service everyone, even though we wanted to.
We didn't want to just say no, which is why we started looking into an upgrade last year! 
We are always transparent with you and will continue to do so because we believed that is the only way to build a solid relationship. We sell only what we truly believe in, and we know you work with us because we share the same mindset!
We will now go over all the upgrades we've made!
We have partnered with a car manufacturer in Korea and have successfully upgraded all the materials so they are basically unbreakable. 
Watch the videos below. 
Due to our high specifications, multiple skincare device manufacturers have advised that the device cannot be made into a smaller handheld device and needs to be larger to last longer. After many meetings and consultations with major manufacturers in Korea, we have decided to collaborate with a car manufacturer to produce the device. If the device is made larger, it will become much more expensive and cannot be retailed.
Time Master Pro® outputs 90,000 pulses per second, making the head a critical component that can crack if not handled carefully. Additionally, with such high specifications, there is a possibility that the EMS pad might come off after many uses. We have addressed this issue by integrating the EMS into one head to ensure that they do not come off and to provide a more consistent power output.

We have upgraded the power adapter to USB type, which is more universal and easier to use. It is also 96 inches long, which is the longest length available for easier charging. These will be packaged in a nice white Time Master Pro® box along with other accessories.
When you purchase a full set, it will also come with a nice device stand that you can use not only to keep your device but also to hold it while charging!
We have upgraded the battery to 1800mAh. A higher mAh will generally mean longer run times, so you will not need to charge it as often as before. Additionally, we have adjusted the settings so that when the battery level drops to 20%, the device will shut off and display a red indicator, reminding you to charge it. Once it's charged up to 90%, the capacity will go back to a minimum of 1620mAh, and the indicator will turn green, indicating that it's fully charged. 
*It will take approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge the device!
We also chose a Lithium-polymer battery for its superior safety, despite being a lot more expensive than other batteries commonly used in handheld devices.
Charging & Battery
Once fully charged, the device will run for about 250 minutes.
If you're doing 5-minute treatments, that's approximately 50 treatments (making it a great add-on to any treatments you offer or for daily use for a few minutes before your skin regimen)
For 10-minute treatments, you'll get around 25 treatments, and for 20-minute treatments, you'll get about 10 treatments per charge.

It's not advisable to keep the device charging all the time. We recommend charging it only when you see the red indicator, as these batteries will last for about 500 charges. This means if you're using it daily, the battery will last about one to one and a half years before needing to be replaced. You can purchase the replacement batteries on our website under the product listing as one of the options.
Please note that the device will be stronger and louder, which is normal. The internal wiring is configured to maximize strength, so we are unable to reduce the sound output. Since it is an ultrasound device, there will be sound due to its oscillation.
Note: We also have a trade-in option on the website. This means you can return your old device and exchange it for a new device. There will be a return label with the new machine, which you will need to use to send it back.
We will wait 2 weeks to receive the machine back and will reach out, or will invoice the difference if we don't get the old device back!

*You may also offer trade-ins to your retail clients, but we suggest that you receive the old device back first before giving out a new one to avoid any issues.
Price Policy:
Time Master Pro® cannot be sold or promoted for less than $750 without the HOP+ Collagen Gel, or $800 with the HOP+ Collagen Gel.

*Time Master Pro® can only be sold by Aesthetic Professionals for the suggested retail price. 

*Time Master Pro® is not allowed to be sold on Amazon or eBay as well as other third party online markets. 

 Please keep in mind this policy is to protect you, our clients, so you do not have to compete with any vendors nor with each other.

We can't wait for you to enjoy your new Time Master Pro® device!
Thank you once again for your patience throughout this journey with us!!